Part-year Resident

Part-year Resident,

What is The Meaning of Part-year Resident?

  • A person who lives in a particular condition for only a fraction of a year, but has to file an income tax return there.

Literal Meanings of Part-year Resident


Meanings of Part:
  1. A piece or a part of an object, an activity or a period of time that combines perfectly with other parts.

  2. A role played by an actor or actress in a drama or film.

  3. Involvement of someone or something in an action or situation.

  4. talent

  5. The scalp line that appears on a person's hair when combing the hair in opposite directions on all sides.

  6. Being away from each other (two things)

  7. Part Part (often used to distinguish different parts of an object)

Sentences of Part
  1. Divide the circle into three equal parts

  2. Painting tells only part of the story

  3. He played many great roles

  4. He played a key role in ending the uprising

  5. Some of her hair was white and straight

  6. Her lips parted from her smile

  7. The city is now part of a slum and consumer paradise

Synonyms of Part

to some extent, lump, to some degree, job, to a limited extent, partly, post, partially, office, portrayal, moderately, slice, function, role, comparatively, wedge, hunk, representation, in part, theatrical role, piece, in some measure, depiction, somewhat, work, segment


Meanings of Year:
  1. The time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun.

  2. The 365-day period (or 366 days in a leap year) beginning January 1, used to calculate time in normal business operations. 365 days from each date; One year, depending on the quality of the product, is usually used to calculate the time period of the wine according to other calendars.

  3. Age or life span.

  4. Long time

  5. Groups of students are groups with the same age, who basically go to school or university in the same academic year.

Sentences of Year
  1. About half of Americans know that it takes a year for the earth to orbit the sun.

  2. Your salary will be charged at the same rate each month for a calendar year.

  3. Most of the girls in my year drop out of school at the end of the semester

Synonyms of Year

stream, set, band, duration, number of years, study group, form, class, school group, lifetime, length of life


Meanings of Resident:
  1. A person who lives in the same place permanently or for a long time.

  2. Bachelor of Medicine with special practice under hospital supervision.

  3. Live in one place for a long time.

Sentences of Resident
  1. It is a beautiful village with only 100 inhabitants

  2. He is currently awaiting the final outcome of the case as a resident doctor at another hospital.

  3. Lived in Brazil for a long time

Synonyms of Resident

inhabitant, living, remaining, local, residing, staying, in residence