Part-time Worker

Part-time Worker,

Part-time Worker Definition:

  1. A person who works less than a full-time full-time employee for a company, usually a fixed number per week

Literal Meanings of Part-time Worker


Meanings of Part:
  1. Somewhat partial (often used to differentiate between different parts of an object)

  2. A part or class of an object, such as an object, activity, or period of time that combines with other parts to form a whole.

  3. A character in a drama or movie, an actor or actress.

  4. Partnership makes someone or something else an action or situation.

  5. talent

  6. The scalp line that appears in a person's hair when combed in opposite directions on both sides.

  7. (In two things) they become distant from each other.

Sentences of Part
  1. The city is now part of the slums, part of the consumer paradise

  2. Divide the circle into three equal parts

  3. Painting is part of the story

  4. He played many important roles

  5. He played a key role in ending the uprising

  6. Some of your hair is white and straight

  7. Smiling lips

Synonyms of Part

depiction, involvement, wedge, piece, to a certain degree, persona, province, segment, position, up to a point, to a certain extent, in part, job, slice, to some extent, to some degree, chunk, relatively, scrap, participation, office, comparatively, task, representation, partly, function, moderately, bit


Meanings of Time:
  1. Plan, plan or arrange when (something) is necessary or not.

  2. Measure the time it takes (action or activity, or the person who performs it)

  3. Overall existence and the constant and unbridled development of past, present and future events.

  4. The time in hours and minutes after midnight or noon.

  5. Allocated, available, or time used.

  6. An example of something happening or an opportunity.

  7. (After the number) which represents the multiplication.

  8. The search style of a piece of music is expressed in terms of size.

Sentences of Time
  1. The first race on the track is scheduled for 11:15 p.m.

  2. We are fixed and certificates are issued according to our diligence.

  3. Travel through space and time

  4. It's 9:30 p.m.

  5. We need more time

  6. This is my first time in debt

  7. Five out of fifteen three times

  8. Waltz Melody

Synonyms of Time

book, bill, prearrange, rhythm, fix up, point, timetable, meter, schedule, measure, instance, moment, organize, time, set up, fix, fix a time for, set, flow, pulse, arrange, plan, hour


Meanings of Worker:
  1. A person who does a certain kind of work or works in a certain way.

  2. Someone who specially develops or applies something.

  3. (In the case of social insects such as flies, wasps, ants and termites) Neutral or backward women who are part of a larger caste and perform basic colonial functions.

Sentences of Worker
  1. A village worker

  2. Miracle worker

  3. Polybia incident workers engage in social cutting with their nests.