Definition of Parsing:

  1. Breaking a data block into smaller chunks by following a set of rules, so that it can be more easily interpreted, managed, or transmitted by a computer. Spreadsheet programs, for example, parse a data to fit it into a cell of certain size.

Synonyms of Parsing

Blocking, Descriptive grammar, Detailing, Enumeration, Generative grammar, Glossematics, Grammar, Grammatical analysis, Grammatical theory, Grammaticality, Itemization, Morphology, Phonology, Phrase-structure grammar, Resolution, Rules of language, Scansion, Schematization, School grammar, Stratificational grammar, Structural grammar, Tagmemic analysis, Traditional grammar, Transformational grammar

How to use Parsing in a sentence?

  1. When you want to get every bit of info out of a piece of data using parsing can help you dig really deep.
  2. If you want to really break down all the product information using parsing can get you all the info that you need.
  3. My friend was really good at parsing and could decode the language of the game very easily and quickly, which impressed me.

Meaning of Parsing & Parsing Definition


Analytics is a form of automation that collects and extracts information from online sources, such as a website. The information/content is presented as HTML code and the results are aggregated as a database. An example of analyzers are search robots that can analyze the received data, store it in a database and then display the relevant documents during the search. The analysis is done in three steps: the content is extracted in its original form, then the data is extracted and transformed, and the result is generated.