Parquet Flooring Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for parquet flooring in Abu Dhabi? Glue-down parquet flooring is where you could shop various parquet flooring options. Parquet floors have several advantages. Some of these are that it’s financially advantageous, easy installation, no nailing down the need, multiple piece development finance for rich only, Parquet floors is much thinner than solid hardwood or even engineered hardwood flooring and it’s eco-friendly because it’s made from reclaimed/recycled products.

Parquet Flooring Suppliers in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Many companies manufacture parquet floorings and they too have their unique selling proposition. But certain factors should be considered before investing in parquet floorings. Below are some of these considerations:

:o: Size: This is one of the most important considerations. Parquet is usually manufactured on an area of about 35 square feet, but as per manufacturers and experts, any space up to one and a half times its size would be okay. If your room is bigger or smaller, you may go in for either wood or carpeting or even aluminum, stone, glass, etc. For those who don’t have a lot of space, then one should opt for acrylic or vinyl flooring. Whatever you choose, always go for parquet flooring that is larger than you need.

Finish Wood floors have more life than parquet flooring. Though they cost more initially, but over some time, they prove to be more durable and offer better resistance to wear and tear. On the other hand, parquet offers high maintenance but is easier to maintain and replace after a few years. One can also opt for vinyl or aluminum for this purpose.

Types Of Parquet Flooring

Colour Depending on the area and nature of use, you can choose from different colored parquet flooring. You can choose your favorite shade and then use it for interior or exterior settings. For example, if your home is usually high-traffic then you can opt for dark wood like ebony wood. If you are thinking of a less-flashy finish then you can go for a white wood-like maple. If your area is less prone to scratches, stains, spills, and moisture then you can go for a clear wood floor.

:o: Durability Parquet floors in Abu Dhabi are famous for their toughness, sturdiness, and durability. With years of rigorous use under its belt, parquet flooring Dubai has proved its worth. These floors do not fade or warp even after many years of heavy foot traffic. This means that they can serve you for decades without any replacement.

:o: Design The design of the floor in Abu Dhabi’s parquet flooring in Abu Dhabi differs from that of the parquet flooring in the other cities. It is mostly square, with unbroken planks that are parallel. The planks are generally manufactured out of oak or beech, giving it an intricate grain pattern. These planks are then beautifully finished with brass and nickel details to give them the best look and ultimate durability.


Elegance Parquet floors in Abu Dhabi are a sight to behold for anyone who wants to add an aesthetic appeal to the interior and exterior of their home. The exquisite design of the planks and the intricate finishing gives your home a unique look. The most common parquet flooring in Dubai is made of single-ply parquet, but you can also see that some of the floors come with basketweave planks as well. These baskets are generally made of birch, oak, or grapevines. When compared to its basket weave counterparts, the parquet flooring in Abu Dhabi has a more open pattern. This allows sunlight to stream through the planks thus giving you a pleasant ambiance.