Parque Shangai

Parque Shangai

Or Sean Da Penha still in N Seona Park? ۔

Can someone tell me if this park is normally open ... and is it possible or do I have to pay a ticket / ticket?

I haven't been to this region in over a year, and the zoo is halfway out .. help me new ..

RJ Rio de Janeiro Neighborhood: Pena - which belongs to the church.

To update

aff, not open, but the same age? What is this, go there, buy tickets and join us in the jump. Teenager

We have 5 (five) rooms for you:

We all stand with 06 tables for guests, 02 (two) tables for decoration or boluses and vats for soda.

You have the lounges you offer throughout Rio Park that offer only 24 toys or Shanghai Park for each part of our corn (kids, country and guest).

Part of our sales:

Some with CDs throughout the festival.

Identity Credit - or two guests.

There are 8 races, not all parking, rtirem, but 24 operations.

Easy payment and discounts for the next party.

And kind: you're going to pay the bills. The salon is completely free.

It's all easy, enter 22703566 or head straight to Shanghai Park at Largo da Penha, 19 Penha.

Ann Sewana is great, but she doesn't want to know the new number 2203566.

Parque Shangai