Definition of Parole:

  1. The actual linguistic behavior or performance of individuals, in contrast to the linguistic system of a community.

  2. The release of a prisoner temporarily (for a special purpose) or permanently before the completion of a sentence, on the promise of good behavior.

  3. Conditional, revocable, premature release of a prisoner. Commonly, prisoners serving sentences from one to four years are eligible for parole after serving one third of the sentence, subject to a minimum of one year. Some jurisdictions (such as the US) allow parole even to those serving life sentence. In most cases, it is granted by a local parole board in consultation with members of the community. A 19th century US invention, parole is not remission of a sentence. If the released convict (called the parolee) breaks any condition of the release, he or she may be arrested again to serve the remaining portion of the sentence in prison. In comparison, a probation is granted usually before the convict begins serving the sentence.

  4. Release (a prisoner) on parole.

Synonyms of Parole

Accents, Assurance, Avouch, Avouchment, Cast loose, Chatter, Comment, Conversation, Demobilization, Demobilize, Dialect, Discharge, Discourse, Dismiss, Dismissal, Elocution, Faith, Gab, Go bail for, Grant bail to, Guarantee, Idiom, Language, Langue, Let go, Let go free, Let loose, Let off, Let out, Lingo, Lingua, Linguistic act, Locution, Oath, Oral communication, Palaver, Parlance, Parol, Personal usage, Phonation, Phraseology, Pledge, Plight, Prattle, Promise, Put on parole, Rapping, Release, Sequence of phonemes, Solemn declaration, Speaking, Speech, Speech act, String, Talk, Talking, The spoken word, Tongue, Troth, Unbinding, Unbolting, Unbridling, Unbuckling, Uncaging, Unchaining, Unfettering, Ungagging, Unhand, Unhanding, Unharnessing, Unhobbling, Unlashing, Unlatching, Unleashing, Unlocking, Unloosing, Unmanacling, Unmuzzling, Unpenning, Unshackling, Unstrapping, Untethering, Untrussing, Untying, Unyoking, Usage, Utterance, Utterance string, Vocable, Voice, Vow, Warranty, Word, Word of honor, Word of mouth, Words, Yakkety-yak, Yakking

How to use Parole in a sentence?

  1. Most important is Saussures distinction between langue and parole.
  2. He was paroled after serving nine months of a two-year sentence.
  3. He committed a burglary while on parole.

Meaning of Parole & Parole Definition



  • Meaning of Parole: Supervise parole before the prisoner's sentence expires. If the bailiff meets the requirements, he does not have to serve the rest of the sentence.

Meanings of Parole

  1. Temporary release of detainees (for some purposes) before the end of the sentence with the promise of good behavior.

  2. Actual linguistic behavior or individual performance differs from the language system of the community.

  3. Conditional release (a prisoner)

Sentences of Parole

  1. Committed robbery on trial

  2. The difference between language and language is the most important.

  3. He was released on parole after nine months in prison