Definition of Parol:

  1. Given or expressed orally.

  2. Written agreement not properly executed.

  3. Oral declaration or statement such as an unwritten evidence, or an agreement not formalized in writing.

Synonyms of Parol

Articulated, Enunciated, Lingual, Linguistic, Linguistic act, Locution, Nuncupative, Oral, Parole, Phonation, Pronounced, Said, Sequence of phonemes, Sounded, Speaking, Speech, Speech act, Spoken, String, The spoken word, Tongue, Unwritten, Utterance, Utterance string, Uttered, Verbal, Viva voce, Vocable, Vocal, Vocalized, Voice, Voiced, Voiceful, Word, Word of mouth

How to use Parol in a sentence?

  1. The parol evidence.

Meaning of Parol & Parol Definition