Parking Levy

Parking Levy,

Parking Levy Meanings:

  • In Ireland, there is a fee for workers to use the parking provided by the employer in the designated urban area.

Literal Meanings of Parking Levy


Meanings of Parking:
  1. Amusement park or large public square.

  2. An area dedicated to a specific purpose.

  3. (In cars with automatic transmission) Gear selection position where the gears are locked, prevents the vehicle from moving.

  4. Pass (the car you are driving) and leave it for a while, usually in a parking lot or on a streetcar.

Sentences of Parking
  1. Take a walk in the park

  2. An industrial area

  3. I put the gearshift lever in the parking lot, jumped out of the car and cleaned my pants.

  4. He parked the car in front of his house

Synonyms of Parking

leave, playground, public garden, public park, municipal park, station, position, recreation ground, play area


Meanings of Levy:
  1. Collection (taxes, fees or penalties)

  2. Hire (someone) for military service.

  3. The act of collecting taxes, fees or fines.

  4. Gathering troops.

Sentences of Levy
  1. A new industrial tax may be levied for cleaning contaminated floors.

  2. Trying to get one man from each station to worship

  3. Union members are taxed at 2% on all wages

  4. Edward I and Edward II used a lot of feudal taxes to form armies.

Synonyms of Levy

excise, assemble, mobilize, impost, tax, duty, imposition, gather, marshal, rally, demand, round up, assessment, press, conscript, collect, charge, tariff, exaction, enlist, raise, tithe, toll, impose, fee