Definition of Parity:

  1. Data transmission: Odd or even state of a sum of binary digits, used as a basis of a method (called parity check) of detecting errors in asynchronous computer communications or storage.

  2. General: Equality or essential equivalence.

  3. (of a number) the fact of being even or odd.

  4. The state or condition of being equal, especially regarding status or pay.

  5. Economics: Equality or constant relationship between buying power, prices, wages, and rate of exchange of a currency.

Synonyms of Parity

Equality, Equivalence, Uniformity, Sameness, Consistency, Correspondence, Congruity, Congruence, Levelness, Unity, Coequality, Parallelism, Evenness, Accordance, Agreement, Alikeness, Alliance, Analogy, Aping, Approach, Approximation, Asking price, Assimilation, Balance, Bearish prices, Bid price, Book value, Bullish prices, Call price, Closeness, Closing price, Coequality, Coextension, Community, Comparability, Comparison, Conformity, Congruence, Congruity, Consistency, Copying, Correspondence, Decline, Equality, Equation, Equilibrium, Equipoise, Equipollence, Equiponderance, Equity, Equivalence, Equivalency, Evenness, Face value, Fixed price, Flash price, Flurry, Flutter, High, Identity, Imitation, Issue par, Issue price, Justice, Levelness, Likeness, Likening, Low, Market price, Market value, Metaphor, Mimicking, Nearness, Nominal value, Offering price, Opening price, Par, Par value, Parallelism, Poise, Price, Proportion, Put price, Quotation, Quoted price, Rally, Resemblance, Sameness, Semblance, Settling price, Similarity, Simile, Similitude, Simulation, Stated value, Swings, Symmetry, Uniformity

How to use Parity in a sentence?

  1. Parity of incomes between rural workers and those in industrial occupations.

Meaning of Parity & Parity Definition