Pareto optimal

Pareto optimal,

Definition of Pareto optimal:

  1. Having the property that no Pareto-improving change is possible.

  2. Relating to or denoting a distribution of wealth such that any redistribution or other change beneficial to one individual is detrimental to one or more others.

How to use Pareto optimal in a sentence?

  1. According to the business analyst, the Pareto Optimal solution available to the board, while clearly not one that would prove pleasing to every partner and shareholder within the company, was nonetheless the only solution that was likely to result in solvency for the business as well as allow the company to potentially regroup and pull itself out of its current fiscal slump.
  2. Our current process is already pareto optimal as we have already focused on increasing our focus to optimal targets to thrive.
  3. If you want to try and run very efficiently then you may want to use a pareto optimal strategy to get you on your way.

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