Parents Turn Off Wifi At Night

Parents Turn Off Wifi At Night

My parents, please turn off Wi-Fi for help?!? ۔

The WLAN box was in my parents' room and they locked it in the wall shop every hour at 9 o'clock. Is there any way to keep my Wi-Fi box or get Wi-Fi somehow? Please do not say that they did it for any reason.

Je ne sais pas dans quel pays vous vous trouvez, more au Royaume-uni, tourner le router plusieurs reruns la meme heure chaque jour peut amener le point d'échange Thinker which already has default on you on the internet. I suggest you tell your parents and tell them to turn off the Wi-Fi signal.

Here's the smart part

Older routers can be bought very easily and cheaply. Once you have another Wi-Fi router, you'll need to turn it off, connect to the other router, and find the IP address on the back of the router. Enabling DHCP instructs the other router not to enter an IP address. You can change different settings, such as the SSID you see when you try to connect. Now you need to hide the second box somewhere where you can connect the second router to the main router. Once connected and running, you have two access points. Your parents may turn off Wi-Fi on the main router and think that Wi-Fi is no longer available.

If your parents get another router, it's not my fault. Apply electrical tape over the LED to cover it.


I see that everything is fine with you. have nice day.

Parents Turn Off Wifi At Night