Definition of Parameter:

  1. A numerical element or other measured element that is part of a set that describes the system or its operating conditions.

  2. A predictable, measurable and permanent feature, dimension, property or value or variable that is selected from a set of data (or population) to understand a situation (or to solve a problem) For) This is considered important. Don't get confused with the frame, which marks the outer limits of a situation, but does not help to decide. Statistics are sample sizes, not populations.

Synonyms of Parameter

Boundary condition, Yardstick, Requirements, Provision, Model, Escape clause, Type, Joker, Pattern, Degree, Limitations, Test, Metes and bounds, Pale, Tinstructions, Small print, Limiting condition, Conditions, Measure, Perimeter, Outlines, Catch, Stipulation, String, Parameters, Specification, Fringes, Criterion, Edges, Circumscription, Stipulations, Ultimatum, Confines, Gauge, Sine qua non, Bourns, Limits, Compass, Provisions, Guidelines, Touchstone, Obligation, Metes, Norm, Escape hatch, Skirts, Value, Barometer, Given, Reading, Restrictions, Provisions, Coordinates, Terms, Condition, Readout, Verges, Quantity, Grounds, Saving clause, Periphery, Kicker, Standard, Escalator clause, Prerequisite, Outskirts, Graduated scale, Proviso, Fine print, Clause, Boundaries, Circumference, Rule, Provisos, Donnee, Bounds, Scale, Order, Check, Marches, Canon, Requisite, Whereas, Parameters

How to use Parameter in a sentence?

  1. The most important metric for the user base is age, as it is more relevant to consumers' purchasing decisions than gender or location.
  2. The parameters of scientific experiment to test the reaction caused by ignition of hydrogen with phosphorus are clearly stated so that the results are accurate and measurable.
  3. To complete the work order, it is important to understand the parameters that are expected from the customer's product: word count, image quality, file size.
  4. The transmission can only shift downwards when you are in low gear.

Meaning of Parameter & Parameter Definition