Definition of Paradox:

  1. Statement containing seemingly contradictory or absurd assertions which may or may not be provable correct or incorrect.

Synonyms of Paradox

Gordian knot, Absurdity, Ambiguity, Ambivalence, Antinomy, Asymmetry, Contradiction, Crux, Dilemma, Disproportion, Disproportionateness, Enigma, Equivocality, Equivocation, Heresy, Heterodoxy, Heterogeneity, Hopelessness, Impossibility, Impossible, Impossibleness, Incoherence, Incommensurability, Incompatibility, Inconceivability, Incongruity, Inconsistency, Inconsonance, Irony, Irreconcilability, Knot, Knotty point, Mystery, No chance, Node, Nodus, Nonconformability, Nonconformity, Nonplus, Oxymoron, Perplexity, Pons asinorum, Poser, Problem, Puzzle, Quandary, Self-contradiction, Teaser, The impossible, Unconformability, Unconformity, Unimaginability, Unorthodoxy, Unthinkability, Vexed question, What cannot be, What cannot happen

Meaning of Paradox & Paradox Definition