Paradigm shift

Paradigm shift,

Definition of Paradigm shift:

  1. A fundamental change in focus or basic assumptions.

  2. In one instance, change could, in some cases, involve the removal or creation of entire departments and the purchase of new goods worth millions or even billions of dollars while old goods are sold or recycled. Over the last hundred years, paradigm shifting has become more common, as the Industrial Revolution has changed many social and industrial processes. This process is likely to become more common in the future, as our technological advancement increases.

  3. A fundamental change in the individual or business theory of how things work in the world. For example, the transition from the earth to the sun as the center of the solar system, the mood of pathogens, the heart of the brain as a seat of thoughts and emotions.

  4. The paradigm shift is a major shift in the way we think or act. The paradigm shift can take place in a variety of contexts. They often appear when new technologies are introduced and radically change the process of manufacturing a product or service. For example, assembly lines have set a great example not only in the automotive industry, but also in all other areas of production.

How to use Paradigm shift in a sentence?

  1. There is a significant pattern change in the classroom when the original teacher is replaced by an inexperienced alternative teacher.
  2. When it became clear that the world was not flat, there was a pattern in everyone's mind that they wanted to explore.
  3. Changes, for example, occur when new technologies are introduced that radically change the way goods or services are manufactured.
  4. The geophysical evidence for Wagner's theory rapidly changed patterns in geoscience.
  5. Social media is an important example of the type of news that qualifies for breaking news.
  6. The paradigm shift is a significant shift in the way we think or do things.

Meaning of Paradigm shift & Paradigm shift Definition

Paradigm Shift,

Paradigm Shift:

  • Paradigm Shift definition is: The term was first coined by Thomas Cohen in 1962 when the appearance of an object changes markedly or significantly. Sudden change in perspective.

Literal Meanings of Paradigm Shift


Meanings of Paradigm:
  1. An example or pattern of something in a model.

  2. A set of mutually exclusive linguistic elements in a particular syntactic verb.

  3. (In traditional grammar of Latin, Greek, and other affected languages) A ‚Äč‚Äčtable of all the natural forms of a particular verb, noun, or adjective that serves as a sample of another word in the same sentence or regression.

Sentences of Paradigm
  1. There is a new pattern of folk art in this country

  2. English language defaulters create a pattern: one can say "book" or "book", but not "audiobook".

Synonyms of Paradigm

case in point, typical case, representative case, illustration, exemplar, sample, specimen, exemplification, case, instance


Meanings of Shift:
  1. Moving or relocating from one place to another, especially nearby.

  2. Slight changes in position, direction or trend.

  3. One or more recurring periods during which different groups of workers perform the same task in shifts.

  4. Women's Straight Straight Waist Dresses, Long Wide Panties.

  5. A clever or cunning device or trick.

Sentences of Shift
  1. I shift the weight to the other leg

  2. Change in public opinion

  3. Night duty

  4. Today she is dressed straight without makeup and is a little surprised to see her so ordinary and traditional.

  5. Thousands of coins and instrument in which Hanbal was the master

Synonyms of Shift

deception, convey, move, stratagem, gown, trick, transfer, relocate, dress, strategy, conveyance, transpose, expedient, stint, stretch, movement, device, reposition, bear, artifice, take, displace, fetch, robe, scheme, transference, switch, bring, dodge