Par value

Par value,

Definition of Par value:

  1. Apparent worth or the nominal value shown on the principal (face or head) side of a bill of exchange, currency, security (stock/share, bond), or other type of financial instrument. The par value of a loan stock (bond, preferred stock/preference share) is the value at which it will be redeemed. Some jurisdictions allow shares to be issued with no par value (see no par value share). Par value is typically different from the market price. If the market price is higher than the par value, the difference is called a premium; if it is lower, the difference is called a discount. Also called face value, nominal value, or redemption value.

Synonyms of Par value

Account, Asking price, Bearish prices, Bid price, Book value, Bullish prices, Call price, Closing price, Conversion factor, Decline, Face, Face value, Fixed price, Flash price, Flurry, Flutter, High, Issue par, Issue price, Low, Market price, Market value, Net worth, Nominal value, Offering price, Opening price, Par, Parity, Pennyworth, Price, Put price, Quotation, Quoted price, Rally, Rate, Settling price, Stated value, Swings, Value, Value received, Worth

How to use Par value in a sentence?

  1. When a product has failed and you still have some supply left you should try to get as close to par value as you can.
  2. When you cash in your stocks tomorrow, the par value will be listed underneath �Market Value� on line 27 of your voucher.
  3. When trying to assess how much you can charge for something knowing the par value helps to determine the profits you can make.

Meaning of Par value & Par value Definition

Par Value,

Par Value Definition:

  • The cost of security is a face value. The face value of fixed income securities or instruments is important because it determines the value of maturity as well as the dollar value of coupon payments. Depending on factors such as the interest rate and the security status of the security, the market value of the security may be above or below the face value.

  • The definition of Par Value is: The face value is actually the amount paid for security and the amount paid on maturity. Bonds are usually sold at 1,000.

  • Nominal value of shares or bonds

  • The amount of each share held in the company's incorporation institute, which will be posted in the social capital account, where it resides permanently, and this means a shareholder reserve for the protection of creditors.

  • The definition of Par Value is: The amount provided is printed on the stock certificate. Nominal price.

Literal Meanings of Par Value


Meanings of Par:
  1. A first-class player usually does it for a specific hole or course

  2. The nominal value of shares or other securities differs from their market value.

  3. Play in pairs (one hole).

  4. A paragraph

Sentences of Par
  1. His three-night position rose below average

  2. The unsecured part of the loan has to be paid at the cost of 9 portion share face value

  3. Quietly 17th Analysis


Meanings of Value:
  1. Respect that something should be worthwhile, valuable or useful.

  2. Principles or principles of a person's behavior decide something important in life.

  3. A numerical quantity identified by an algebraic term, quantity, quantity or number.

  4. Appreciate financial value (something)

Sentences of Value
  1. Fluorescence values ​​are fourth, eighth, and middle notes, and only the basic finger pattern is used in the first course.

Synonyms of Value

desirability, ethics, avail, code of behaviour, worth its weight in gold, helpfulness, set a price on, moral values, usefulness, efficacy, importance, standards of behaviour, moral principles, standards, cost, assay, favourite, sense, put a price on, good, effectiveness, cherished, principles, moral code, gain, significance, point, rules of conduct