Definition of Paperback:

  1. A book bound in stiff paper or flexible cardboard.

  2. (of a book) bound in stiff paper or flexible cardboard.

  3. Publication with signatures glued into a flexible cover, typically made of paper or cardboard. Also called softcover, softback, or softbound.

Synonyms of Paperback

Best seller, Book, Bound book, Classic, Coloring book, Definitive work, Folio, Great work, Hardback, Juvenile, Juvenile book, Limp-cover book, Magnum opus, Nonbook, Notebook, Novel, Opus, Opuscule, Opusculum, Picture book, Playbook, Pocket book, Prayer book, Production, Psalmbook, Psalter, Publication, Serial, Sketchbook, Soft-cover, Songbook, Standard work, Storybook, Title, Tome, Trade book, Volume, Work, Writing, Book, Volume, Hardback, Paperback, Title, Work, Tome, Opus, Treatise, Manual, Register, Almanac, Yearbook, Compendium

Meaning of Paperback & Paperback Definition