Papel Duro

Papel Duro

How to harden hard paper?

Decide first what kind of paper is durable, so when it sticks it will wrinkle, it will not look like it will crack, and we will let it dry to see the resistance to tears. To glue with a resistant brush, added to school glue or requires solvent, glue putty requires 1 liter, usually strong but clear, leaving a lot of liquid. It should not be damaged like paper. For example, glue the brush to your liking, paint a bowl of egg, do not use peas, spoil, do not dip or, if necessary, glue film or apply too much glue for the desired effect. ۔ Wait for the stained glass (craft varnish) to dry. Note: Or re-varnish the glue first. Needless to say, the spray that your star will look like is perfect and waterproof. Varnish makes you feel crafted at home.

Try some resistant glue sticks, it becomes transparent when it becomes transparent.

Give it to me (sorry i'm just kidding)

Do people do mental torture or paper torture that lives with NEC Glue + Cave? ^

Newspaper or paper towels?

I never thought of doing that or anything like that on this table or on a paper towel, I saw Jay on TV shows and that's what happened.

Papel Duro

Papel Duro

In fact, either the paper towel is too hard now or I never paid

They have to be difficult because either the thing that complicates the glue or not or in paper types. Or what difference does it make to move the paper with the desired texture?

When you make my mask using cut wages, you weigh the jig in the mold and stick it on top.

If you want to be a role model for me, I like to use toilet paper or cut paper towels mixed with glue, peas with me and GÂÂ.nea.

It depends on what you want to do !!


Papel Duro