Papanicolau Classe 2

Papanicolau Classe 2

Blocking Pap smear II? Or what does that mean? ۔

My Pap smear from Germany ...

Large number of cells: Intermediate; areas.

Average cell count: NETR "PHILOS

Small number of cells: Surface, Prandas, Endoservices, Haiti - City.

Microism: Doderlin Bacillus.

Monel level: Types of projection.

Result: Papink Key: II.

Help me reveal this secret!

This is worrying on a normal day, from the third day ...

No ■■■■■!

Or genital II Pap smear; results or is found in most women who are normally active. METAPLASIA is a different BENO or cellular stage that can be seen as part of HPV or any other disease. Normal Steve Level: Normostroco, normo de normal. Bacterial Flora: Bacillus, bacilli are the only microorganisms that present the normal flora and require treatment, causing some symptoms such as drainage. HPV is an inheritance, n or a bacilli. I need to look at the need to do colposcopy that har © Olhar or Colo do with microscopic procedure (completely painless procedure) and even do oppsies for some people that SEO definitely Not infected with HPV. Most importantly about you: Always use condoms in all relationships with UAIS. Still or half, but effective for your protection, both HPV and other diseases.

That means it's all right and you don't have to be careful !!

Papanicolau Classe 2