Papa Johns Cheese Sticks

Papa Johns Cheese Sticks

Reheat my potato sticks with Johns cheese? ۔

Okay, I'm used to reheating the pizza, but not the cheese sticks. Should I put it in the toaster for a few minutes?

Microwave for about 2 minutes and if it is a little cold for another minute, do not overheat or the cheese sticks may burst.

Papa John's cheese bread.

Take a paper towel and wet it a little. Roll the bread stick and microwave for 20 seconds. They become soft, not rubber.

Edit: Uh, cheese sticks, no bread sticks! MDR It depends on how much you have. I'll say yes at 1:30 and leave. You don't want to reheat it or your cheese will be lost.

I would say maybe two or three.

If you preheat the oven to 350 and turn it on for about 55 minutes, they will be fine.

Enough like 2:30, otherwise try 3:00.

That's what he said

Papa Johns Cheese Sticks