Panda Coin Ring

Panda Coin Ring

Panda coin ring in gold. ? 3

Does anyone have

The last time I saw this charming ring in my mother's jewelry box, I thought she had a coin and a panda in front of her. It's 1983 and I'm using it now.

Anyway, I guess my question is: what's the story behind these rings?

Do they represent an endangered panda bear or just a blur that was established in the 1980s?

I tried to Google your story, but I found only sites that sell old.

Help? And provide the best information.

Most of the information will get the best answer.

The piece could be rotated, but the ring could be rotated locally. Nothing remarkable. The panda is used as a symbol, probably because there are eagles or buffaloes in the United States and maple leaves in caa and kangaroos in Australia, only the symbols are recognized.

Coins are investment coins, so they don't cost much gold for your ring.

Yes, panda gold coins come from here ... coins are not specific to rings. Coins are available in all common sizes: up to 1 oz, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10 and 1/20 oz. As far as the value of a coin is concerned ... when you put a coin in an essence, it loses some of its value. The 1983 Panda Coin usually has a small prize (1982 was the most prestigious year, followed by 1983), but since it is a gem, it may have lost its value. Corollary: The ring itself is not unique. This value can be estimated by adding the price of gold (in terms of carats and weight) to the ring and the value of the coin (which is probably just the price of gold, in terms of weight only). There is no special story, people have been using gold coins in jewelry for thousands of years.

Panda Coin Ring

Panda Coin Ring

The value of the panda coin

I actually have one. I've had it for over 20 years and I barely take it off. Let's guess What will really prove its value is used gold. I have a lot of fun because it can be changed with your finger. I wonder about this ring wherever I go! This is my most talked about essence.

Panda Coin Ring