Do you know what Pancheras are? Spanish? 3

I thought it was unusual and it was Mexican girl ... hahaha

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Do you know what Pancheras are? Spanish?

It's from PANC ... I don't know the big story behind it, but that's fine for now.


When my daughter went crazy I said: Don't be a fan !!!!!!

If for some strange reason my sister was mine, I would say stop being a bird and talk to me !!!!

If my grandmother is being rude when someone is around and I ignore her, I take her, oh, she just thinks she's the best, so I give her my Let me get out of the small universe. And humbly join us and tell him not to be panchira and say hello.

It's Spanish, which means embarrassing person. Punch for women, punch for men. Example: Did you see the girl there? He is the last bird, and so on and so forth.


Well, I don't know if we're talking about the same thing, but if my grandmother calls me Panchira, it means I'm shy and I'm left alone, or not. But I'm rude. When I don't say hello. Guest or when I don't want to because everyone's eyes are on me.

What country is it from