Panasonic Viera Tv Apps

Panasonic Viera Tv Apps

How to remove apps from Panasonic Vera TV? 3

Go to Vera Connect Market, press OK on the remote in the app you want to remove and click on the cancel icon.

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App Vera TV

1. Press Internet.

2. Press the arrow in the middle of the screen until setup and help appear and select.

3. Tap on the custom screen.

4. All apps will be listed, check their respective sides on the left side of the screen, press the arrow to select the one you want to delete and press OK on the remote control. This will disable the app.

5. Press the left arrow on the remote and select yes to save your changes.

The app has now been deleted.

For example, help

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You want to delete.

Highlight the app and press the option on the remote. A menu will then appear to move or delete the application.

Open the Netflix app. Left Right. Left Right. Then press Off.

It only removes the app icon, not the app. I need to uninstall and reinstall an application that has stopped working properly.

Panasonic Viera Tv Apps

Panasonic Viera Tv Apps

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Panasonic Viera Tv Apps