What does Panaual mean?

A person's handiwork is in the public eye, not gender

Manual people are those who are attracted to people of any gender. The word manual comes from the Greek word pan, which means something like this

Manual refers to a person who is attracted to other people regardless of gender, although different definitions may apply depending on the social group.

Yual and manual are sometimes used in the same context, but we are different because Ywal is only interested in 2 species.

And bread means everything, it means they are attracted to everything, so they don't care if it's foreign, female, male or animal, they always feel its attraction. We will try to act accordingly.

This means that regardless of gender, you are generally attracted to everyone. The difference between this and Ywal is that Ywal means you are usually attracted to boys and girls, manual means you don't care if they change or anything, you then Love them too