Definition of Panacea:

  1. A hypothetical cure for all diseases and illnesses. The term is also used to symbolize something that would make all of ones problems and troubles disappear.

  2. A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

Synonyms of Panacea

Universal cure, Cure-all, Cure for all ills, Universal remedy, Sovereign remedy, Heal-all, Nostrum, Elixir, Wonder drug, Perfect solution, Magic formula, Magic bullet

How to use Panacea in a sentence?

  1. Many patients believe that antibiotics are a panacea that will cure all of their ills, but this type of medication is only effective against bacterial infections.
  2. The panacea for all corporate ills.
  3. The snake oil salesman of the Old West typically hawked a bottled elixir of questionable content, claiming its value as a panacea .
  4. The man thought that taking a large dose of vitamins would be the panacea for all of his medical problems, but he found that this was simply not the case.

Meaning of Panacea & Panacea Definition