Palm Top

Palm Top,

What is The Definition of Palm Top?

  1. A small computer that fits in the palm of your hand.

Literal Meanings of Palm Top


Meanings of Palm:
  1. Evergreen trees are tall, non-branched with penta or fan-shaped crowns and usually have spots of old leaves that form a regular pattern on the stem. Palm trees grow in tropical areas, especially in the tropics. Palm leaves are given as gifts or seen as a symbol of victory or glory.

  2. Hide in your hands (cards or other small items), especially during maneuvers or flights.

  3. Hit (something) with the palm of your hand.

  4. The inner surface of the hand between the wrist and the fingers.

Sentences of Palm
  1. They even feel attached to a tree or a palm tree that may be outside their home.

  2. He tells crazy stories as he touches his watch.

  3. Jason took the ball out of the woods.

  4. For this test, bend your thumb at your palm and your fingers at your thumb.


Meanings of Top:
  1. The highest or highest point, part or level of an object.

  2. Closure, cap or plug.

  3. The highest or most important rank, rank, or position.

  4. Clothes that cover the upper body and are worn with skirts, pants or shorts.

  5. The end of something is too far from the speaker or reference point.

  6. Meaning tops

  7. Bundles of long wool fibers ready for spinning.

  8. A man who actively has ■■■■ sex with another man.

  9. The first step.

  10. Most in rank, rank or rank.

  11. Name a volatile quark (type) fragrance with an electric charge of +2/3. Top quarks have features like up quarks and magic, but they have more features.

  12. Must be greater than the amount (amount, level or number).

  13. Provide coverage or coverage.

  14. Reaching the top (of a hilly or other sloping area)

Sentences of Top
  1. The alien was up the stairs.

  2. The pen dries when you leave the pen.

  3. Your skills will take you to the top.

  4. He wears a shirt

  5. Bus stop at the end of the road.

  6. Some players who can handle fast swing speeds, can catch the ball and hit it, may not hit it too hard.

  7. It all started with a ribbon-shaped wool blouse.

  8. Top eight

  9. The button of his shirt

  10. Losses are expected to exceed 100 100 million this year.

  11. Baked potatoes with melted cheese.

  12. Go up and start descending slowly.

Synonyms of Top

high point, improve on, exceed, brink, coat, mountaintop, conquer, scale, prime, trump, apex, zenith, plug, pinnacle, uppermost, best, crown, loftiest, surmount, eclipse, brow, go beyond, surpass, better, ridge