Definition of Pallet:

  1. Straw mattress

  2. Equipment that facilitates mechanical handling of stacked equipment (pellets) for forklifts. Usually made of raw (non-castor) wood in Europe and usually 1.2 x 1 meters, it can carry a normal load of one ton (one thousand kilograms or about 2, 2,200 pounds) and assembly , Can serve as the basis for handling, classification, storage and transportation of goods. As a loading unit. For example, custom plates are available in a variety of designs, sizes and materials. B. Two-way entry deck, four entry deck, box deck, pole deck, steel deck, etc. Also known as scuding.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Pallet


Origin of word Pallet

Late 15th century diminutive of the noun pale.

Synonyms of Pallet

Underbed, Bedding, Springs, Belfry, Underbedding, Bean, Sconce, Mattress, Innerspring mattress, Sleeping bag, Pad, Noodle, Cushion, Head, Chump, Rug, Litter, Mat, Headpiece, Noddle, Pillow, Air mattress, Bolster, Noggin

How to use Pallet in a sentence?

  1. Learning to work with a wide range can be difficult. So, make sure your employees are trained on how to handle it properly.
  2. Everyone has to intervene when it comes time to load the pellets and move the cargo to the ship's area, but the foreman realizes that Chuck and Kenny are still missing.
  3. It has all the beds, all the inflatable mattresses, sofas and platforms.
  4. The plates we use to manage our warehouse are strong and very cheap. Overall, I feel comfortable with my stock.

Meaning of Pallet & Pallet Definition

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