Pair and set clause

Pair and set clause,

Definition of Pair and set clause:

  1. A provision stating that if one-half of a pair or part of a set is lost or damaged, a reasonable and fair percentage of the value of both will be assessed. The insurer is not required to pay for the total value of the whole set.

Meaning of Pair and set clause & Pair and set clause Definition

Pair And Set Clause,

What is The Definition of Pair And Set Clause?

  • The definition of Pair And Set Clause is: A clause stating that partial damage to a pair or set of items will be assessed on the basis of item damage, not the wear and tear of the pair or set.

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Meanings of Pair:
  1. Joined or joined to pair.

  2. (One member of the legislature) Give one more member per pair so that both abstain from voting without being affected by the result.

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Sentences of Pair
  1. She is wearing a cardigan with matching skirt.

  2. Missing members on the one hand have to be paired with missing members on the other.

  3. A pair of gloves

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Synonyms of Pair

partner, set of two, marry up, couple, two of a kind, set, matching set, matched set, twin, match, put together


Meanings of And:
  1. A boolean operator that returns one if and only if all operations are the same, otherwise void.

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Sentences of And
  1. If he had to make a decision, and it was the worst, he would turn away from his parents.

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coupled with, not to mention, along with, and, with, as well as, together with, besides, too, also, including, added to, in addition to


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Meanings of Clause:
  1. A grammatical organizational unit, located just below a sentence on a line and must contain a prediction in a subject and traditional grammar.

  2. Articles, terms or conditions are specific and separate from an agreement, bill or agreement.

Sentences of Clause
  1. In each of the above sentences, two sentences are attached to one sentence without a sentence.

  2. Contracts usually have an election law that sets out the applicable law.

Synonyms of Clause

paragraph, set phrase, wording, article, term, note, idiom, part, passage, subsection, locution, point, turn of phrase, heading, item, phrasal verb, idiomatic expression, clause, construction, word group, section, phrasal idiom