Definition of Packing:

  1. The act or process of adding something.

  2. Prepare products or equipment for proper storage and / or transportation. This may include locking, reinforcement, rolling, marking, sealing, fixing, sealing, packing, etc.

  3. Bring firearms, especially permanent or routine.

Synonyms of Packing

Boxing, Shipment, Assignment, Deposition, Gland, Toting, Carriage, Truckage, Situation, Stopping, Railway express, Asportation, Doublure, Pinpointing, Filler, Interlineation, Ferriage, Location, Placing, Hauling, Bushing, Wainscot, Bearing, Disposition, Freight, Drayage, Spotting, Airlift, Stuffing, Bottling, Lading, Transportation, Lighterage, Wagonage, Lining, Insole, Tampon, Locating, Doubling, Crating, Packaging, Reposition, Liner, Tinning, Telpherage, Conveyance, Collocation, Inlayer, Airfreight, Storage, Padding, Waft, Lugging, Loading, Cartage, Placement, Facing, Filling, Expressage, Stowage, Gasket, Inlay, Package, Stationing, Bush, Transshipment, Wadding, Air express, Carry, Haulage, Portage, Encasement, Porterage, Carrying, Transport, Posting, Localization, Canning, Putting, Shipping, Deployment, Deposit, Freightage, Emplacement, Allocation, Positioning, Waftage

How to use Packing in a sentence?

  1. Product handling, packaging and shipping
  2. Whenever you send a delicate cargo to someone, you have to make sure that the packaging is correct.
  3. ABC uses non-eco-friendly packaging materials to deliver its products to consumers.
  4. I packed my bags because I wanted to go somewhere close to my love.

Meaning of Packing & Packing Definition

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