Definition of Packet:

  1. A block of data transmitted across a network.

  2. A large sum of money.

  3. Make up into or wrap up in a packet.

  4. A ship traveling at regular intervals between two ports, originally for the conveyance of mail.

  5. A paper or cardboard container, typically one in which goods are packed to be sold.

  6. Data-transmission term for a small bundle of data sent across a network (such as a LAN or Internet). A packet consists of a block of data bits plus control information that helps in its proper routing and reassembly into the original form at the receiving end. No one size for packets has been standardized and, depending on the protocol of the network, it may be also be called a block, cell, or frame.

Synonyms of Packet

Argosy, Bale, Bark, Batch, Bindle, Boat, Bolt, Bomb, Boodle, Bottom, Bouquet, Bucket, Budget, Bundle, Craft, Deck, Fagot, Fardel, Fasces, Fascine, Fortune, Great deal, Hooker, Hulk, Hull, Keel, Leviathan, Loads, Lots, Mint, Nosegay, Pack, Package, Parcel, Piles, Posy, Pretty penny, Quiver, Roll, Rouleau, Sheaf, Ship, Tidy sum, Truss, Tub, Vessel, Wad, Watercraft, Passenger boat, Passenger ship, Ferry boat, Packet boat, Packet, Shuttle, Pack, Carton, Box, Cardboard box, Container, Case, Package, Parcel, Padded bag, A fortune, A considerable sum of money, A large sum of money, A vast sum of money, A kings ransom, Tie, Tie up, Tie together, Do up, Pack, Pack up, Pack together, Package, Parcel, Parcel up, Packet, Wrap, Wrap up, Roll, Roll up, Wind up, Fold, Fold up, Furl, Bind, Bind up, Fasten together, Bale, Truss, Truss up

How to use Packet in a sentence?

  1. I grew my own sunflowers and packeted the seeds.
  2. Sow seeds 2 to 3 inches apart or as recommended on the seed packets.
  3. It was built to serve the mail packet boat from Milford Haven.

Meaning of Packet & Packet Definition