P90x Torrent

P90x Torrent

Torrent p90x help?!? And not enough? 3

Well, first of all, the file size is not 4 gigabytes (as someone said in your reply), it is 44 in total. Second, while you can burn items to DVD, you cannot load them directly to DVD. But none of that is a problem, don't worry. Here's what you do:

First, you need to buy a blank DVDR.

Once you have a blank DVD, open the torrent file. If you are already using uTorrent, delete uTorrent torrent and you're done. This is the only way I can explain it here.

When you open torrent with uTorrent, a window opens listing all the files in that download. You will see them in this order (all with checkboxes)

AB_RIPPERS.ISO (with checkboxes on the left) and file sizes on the right.

BACK_CEPS.ISO (with checkbox on the left) and file size on the right.

And so with all the files. This will unzip all the files in this window except one, AB_RIPPER.ISO

That means only the video wrapper will load ... for now.

Once the Ab Ripper video is downloaded, it will be burned to a DVD and then the file will be deleted from your computer (by opening the E file you burned).

You will then see a series of tabs at the bottom of the uTorrent window. They are labeled from left to right in this order:

General, Tracker, RSS, ROM, Archive, etc.

You will click on the File tab ... Click on this tab and all the file names will be displayed in the window below the tab. Everyone (except AB_RIPPER.ISO) says jump with them (far right).

Just right-click AB_RIPPER.ISO, ie BACK_CEPS.ISO, and click on the general preference in the window that appears when you right-click. This file will now be uploaded.

When the upload is complete, burn it to DVD, delete the files from your computer, and repeat the process, listing one by one, until each file is downloaded.

Help for example! If you have any other questions you can send me an instant message, my username is Crazyflx.

Torrent P90x

P90x Torrent