P2P (Peer-to-Peer)

P2P (Peer-to-Peer)

A networking style in which computers communicate directly with each other rather than route traffic through centralized servers and managed networks.

Literal Meanings of P2P (Peer-to-Peer)


Meanings of P:
  1. Short for penny pence.

  2. Proton.

  3. Young worker for groceries, porters and similar services in the home.

  4. (in libraries) Common name of an employee whose main job is to replace materials that have been borrowed or moved to the shelves.

  5. To each, in each (used to express relations of units).

  6. Through, through, through, through.

  7. Especially after a major event with long-term consequences.

  8. A little, quite a bit, sometimes (due to meiosis) a lot.

  9. Beautiful in a good way.

  10. Decorate with fringe or embroidered border.

  11. Back cut for making ribs etc.

  12. Flip, spin, flip, fall hard, fall forward.

  13. It flows with a whisper in swirls and vortices.

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Sentences of P
  1. $2.50 a dozen.

  2. 100 centimeters per meter.

  3. Insert the endoscope through the nose.

  4. I have parked the car on the curb at your request.

  5. Gold embroidery on the lapel.

  6. One forward, two back.

  7. The hunter was knocked off his horse.


Meanings of Peer:
  1. One look, one look.

  2. Diligently seeking or as if seeking something.

  3. Come on, come and see.

  4. Someone who or something is of equal value or worth (as something else).

  5. Someone of the same age (like another person).

  6. A nobleman with a hereditary title, namely HORA. a title of nobility, and in the past with some rights and privileges that ordinary citizens did not enjoy.

  7. Comrade, comrade, colleague.

  8. The range is the same.

  9. Transferring communications traffic terminating on your own network to and from another network under equivalence conditions, usually free or free. Instead, in transit, you pay another network provider to carry your traffic.

  10. a little, a little.

Sentences of Peer
  1. Pear of the Empire.


Sentences of To
  1. With as friend (with as friend) with as (with as ) sacrificial lambs in the lake (slaughtered sacrificial lambs) took her as a (married) woman sold into slavery (they were sold into slavery).

P2P (Peer-to-Peer)