P21 Definition:

Definition of P21: Balance Sheet - Your last income tax return for the tax year

Literal Meanings of P21


Meanings of P:
  1. Page

  2. Here

  3. Cents or cents.

  4. Piano (softly)

  5. Tip (in units of measurement) (10¹²)

  6. Position of electrons and orbits with angular momentum units.

  7. Print.

  8. Possibility

  9. The sixteenth letter of the alphabet.

  10. Shepherd.

  11. Father.

  12. Games played (in the game results table).

  13. Parking (with automatic change)

Sentences of P
  1. Consider an "S" and an "P" for speeding up Polly with red frosting on the top of the cake.


P21 Meanings:

  1. Meaning of P21: Balance Sheet - The final statement of your income tax liability for the tax year.

Literal Meanings of P21


Meanings of P:
  1. Parachute

  2. (In units of measurement) Tip (10-12).

  3. Displays electrons and orbits with angular velocity units.

  4. Parking (on road signs and road maps).

  5. Map (in units of measurement) (1015).

  6. Poise (unit of viscosity).

  7. Portugal (International Vehicle Registration)

  8. The chemical element phosphorus

  9. A chemical element with atomic number 15, a toxic and flammable non-metal found in two common allotropic forms, white phosphorus, a yellow waxy solid that automatically ignites in the air and glows in the dark, and red phosphorus , Less a form of reaction to the preparation.

Sentences of P
  1. See page 784.

  2. Piece 5p

  3. 220 pf capacitor.

  4. PV = NRT

  5. This difference is significant (p = 0.0008)

  6. 27 PBQ radioactive substances.