P1157 Honda Accord

P1157 Honda Accord

Code P1157 nep Accord Coupe? 3

I know your problem with O2 sensor. I had a problem with my car and I took it to the dealer for repair. They read my indicator light and told me I needed a new Dostream O2 sensor (with Catalytic converter). They wanted to do it for $ 300, but I decided to give it a try. My friend changed my O2 sensor today and the indicator light is still on. :( Should I replace the upstream O2 sensor?

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Definition: 11 high voltage. AF sensor wire

Does this mean that it is sensor 1 from bank 1? I mean O2 upstream? Do you know what a dream is if you don't separate it and examine it yourself?

Can you help if you can provide complete information about the vehicle, vehicle year and choice of JAN, 2.3L 4-cylinder or 3.0L V6?

Added: With vehicle information, you can only guess!

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Yes, this is for DTC B1S1 (of course there is only one bank of 2.4L) O2 sensor on this car is B1S2 and air / L sensor is in B1S1 position.

This code is set because PCM has detected that the resistance of AFS 1/1 heater is above 250 ohms for 5 seconds.

The exhaust system is equipped with a bank of 1 (AFS 1/1) 1 air ratio sensor and records the oxygen content in the exhaust gases. The A / F sensor delivers voltage to the PCM. The heating element for the sensor element is integrated into the A / F sensor (sensor 1). When activated, the sensor heats the sensor to stabilize and accelerate the oxygen level by controlling the flow of current through the heater. The current is reduced when the voltage applied to the element reaches a certain level, because the amount of oxygen that can pass through the diffusion layer is limited. The current is proportional to the oxygen content of the exhaust gases, so the air / L ratio is recorded by measuring the current. PCM compares the set air / target ratio to the recorded air / air ratio and adjusts the target injection time. When the voltage to the A / F sensor (sensor 1) is low, the air / L ratio is low, and PCM uses the A / F feedback control to issue advanced commands. When the voltage of the A / F sensor (Sensor 1) is high, the air / el ratio will be full and PCM will use the A / F feedback control to issue the slope command. If the element is not activated for the specified time when the air / fuel sensor heating (sensor 1) is turned off, an error will be detected and a code will be set.

Replace sensor B1S1 A / F, clear the code and you're done.

Are you sure your nose is broken? According to everyone here, Ndas are durable and reliable.

P1157 Honda Accord