P0171 Honda Civic

P0171 Honda Civic

CRV 07 code came 2 times ... Injector changed O2 and turned it off ... Is the light still on? 3

Brought to Nice, they replaced the oxygen sensor. ... help

This is not your fuel cap. I know I'm not sure about the 07 CRV, but the main problem with older people was the use of air, which allowed unmeasured air to enter the system and caused poor condition. Check the edses after MAF, if you can't find them, spray the carburetor cleaner around the power compartment (on it, near the inlet, etc.) while the car is running and when the R is high you Got your exhaust.

What helps, for example.

I agree with Daisy. This could be another problem with vacuum leak or faulty MAF / sensor, PVC valve, closed filter or low pressure etc. Take it back to the dealer and talk to your service manager to get an update on the previous fix that didn't fix the problem and ask them to fix the problem properly or another SP. Try to fix it.

Issue code P0171 ...

This basically means that the oxygen sensor in Bank 1 detects a bad condition (too much oxygen in the emission). In V6 / V8 / V10, the bank is Ene side with 1 N cylinder. 1. P0171 is one of the most common trouble codes. This code is first transmitted from the O2 sensor dust stream (front). The sensor provides air readings: the power cylinder sensor ratio, and the vehicle power train / power control module (PCM / ECM) takes this reading and adjusts to maintain power at this ratio. 14.7: 1 Ideal setting. When praising. That's not true and PCM can't maintain a 14.7: 1 ratio, but there's been a lot of wind, that's the code.

Code P0171 may mean that one or more of the following conditions occur:

The MAF (airflow M) sensor is bad or faulty.

Note: Using an oily air filter can reduce MAF if the filter is too oily.

There is also a problem with some vehicles where the MAF sensor loses the silicone material used to protect the circuit.

Flow through MAF sensor can cause vacuum leakage.

Maybe off or channel / PCV connection

The PCV valve is broken or open.

Bad or faulty oxygen sensor (bank 1, sensor 1)

Injector stuck / full or damaged

Low pressure filter (maybe full / filter!)

Emission between ENE and the first oxygen sensor

Possible Solutions In most cases, cleaning the MAF sensor and finding / fixing the vacuum leak will solve the problem. If you're on a tight budget, that's the solution, but it can't be. So, the possible solutions are: Clear the MAF sensor. Check your service manual to find out where to get help. I think it's best to take it outside and spray it inside an electronic cleaner or cleaner. Be careful not to damage the MAF sensor and make sure it is dry. Check for leaks, check for the presence of filters and appropriate pressure. Ideally, you may want to monitor Srt and Spices for a longer period of time with advanced scanning tools. If you have access to it, get a smoke test.

P0171 only

The control light cannot be turned off even after removing the battery. It is a vehicle with a computer cable and the computer issues a code which means the vehicle is nowhere. Take it to the dealer, ask for the code and ask for it deleted. However, if the problem is not resolved, the same code will still be extracted. The maximum probability for them to clear the code is 50.00. You can't do it any other way.

Check your dam tank cap, make sure the rubber seal is ■■■■ or out of place. If it doesn't get wet, replace it with the three clicks that say, disconnect the positive battery cable for a minute and test to see if it doesn't stick, don't fix it, Stop doing this unless it is under warranty, it will get stuck in your pipe. Avoid all the time, especially if you are a repentant woman. This is the world of mechanics.

P0171 Honda Civic