P/e Ratio (1 Yr Forecast)

P/e Ratio (1 Yr Forecast),

What is P/e Ratio (1 Yr Forecast)?

  1. The share price was divided by next year's estimated profit.

Literal Meanings of P/e Ratio (1 Yr Forecast)


Meanings of P:
  1. Page

  2. Here

  3. Money or money.

  4. Piano (softly)

  5. Peak (in units of measurement) (10¹²)

  6. Refers to electrons and orbits with angular velocity units.

  7. Print.

  8. Possibility

  9. The sixteenth letter of the alphabet.

  10. Shepherd.

  11. Abba.

  12. Games played (in game score table).

  13. Parking (with automatic change)

  14. (On road signs and road maps) Parking.

Sentences of P
  1. Consider an "S" for speed and a "P" for Polly, attached to the red icing on the cake.


Meanings of E:
  1. Euro or Euro

  2. Electron

  3. The transcendental number, which is the basis of the natural or natural logarithm, is approximately equal to 2. 2.71828.

  4. The fifth letter of the alphabet

  5. The capital letter E shape

  6. The third note on the Daytonic scale in C major.

  7. Earth

  8. West east.

  9. Easter

  10. Ecstasy pills or ecstasy pills.

  11. Engineer or engineer.


Meanings of Ratio:
  1. A quantitative relationship between two quantities that indicates how many times one value contains another or is present in another.

Sentences of Ratio
  1. The employment rate for men and women is 8 to 1

Synonyms of Ratio

proportion, correlation, comparative extent, balance, quantitative relation, relationship, correspondence, comparative number


Meanings of Yr:
  1. Year or year

  2. small.

  3. You.


Meanings of Forecast:
  1. Predictions or predictions (future events or trends)

  2. Predicting or predicting future events, especially the upcoming season or financial trends.

Sentences of Forecast
  1. East Ohio Rain Forecast

  2. Together, the two companies can make financial estimates for every publicly owned company in the world.

Synonyms of Forecast

divination, prophesy, divine, augury, calculation, prognosticate, prognosis, prediction, augur, predict, projection, forewarning, foresee, prophecy, forewarn, prognostication, foretell