Definition of Ownership:

  1. The right to own an act, state or thing.

  2. Termination of the highest and exclusive right, granted by claim or title and subject to certain limits, profit, possession, own, rent, sale, use, disposal or even ownership.

    Property can be tangible (ownership of an entire object, such as a house) or immovable (immovable property, such as copyright or debt collection rights). Ownership (like a lease) does not necessarily mean ownership because it does not automatically transfer ownership.

Synonyms of Ownership

Freehold, Possession, Right of possession, Proprietary rights, Title, Holding, Proprietorship

How to use Ownership in a sentence?

  1. When Lord acquired 51 acquisitions of the company and introduced new policies, the ownership of the company changed hands.
  2. Owning a car and a home is an important factor in assessing a customer's financial status and willingness to buy other items.
  3. Sometimes, you want to do something good, trying to keep your company with you.
  4. Land ownership

Meaning of Ownership & Ownership Definition