Owners', landlords' and tenants' liability (o.l.&t.)



Real estate ownership, use or obligations arising from its use or related activities, including maintenance of facilities. Scope of protection under OL. & Question This policy covers the policyholder for the responsibilities described above, but the coverage is much broader than previously disclosed. In addition to the facilities, the contract includes all necessary or related activities, rules and regulations that extend the patient's insurance coverage beyond the specific facility for non-location related accidents during the insured activity. Even if the extension input includes a library and installation, it usually has a participation exemption (voir operation terms, charge and discharge), which is responsible for version of the contract, vehicles, aircraft and new construction or demolition. Is. , Among other things.



Meanings of OWNERS:
  1. Who has something

Sentences of OWNERS
  1. Fakhr dalmatian boss is very proud

Synonyms of OWNERS

homeowner, proprietor, keeper, mistress, proprietress, freeholder, landlady, holder, landlord, master, possessor


Meanings of LANDLORDS:
  1. A man (also legally a woman) who rents land, a building or a house.

Sentences of LANDLORDS
  1. The purpose is to inform tenants of the legal amount through which their landlords can increase their rent.


Meanings of AND:
  1. A boolean operator that returns only when all tasks are the same and otherwise zero.

  2. It is used to include words from the same part of a speech, clause or sentence that need to be put together.

  3. It is used to introduce additional comments or interactions.

  4. It is used to indicate the intention after some verbs and before other verbs, "no"

Sentences of AND
  1. If he had to make a decision, and it was the worst, he would turn his back on his parents.

Synonyms of AND

including, too, as well as, besides, with, not to mention, in addition to, coupled with, and, together with, also, along with, added to


Meanings of TENANTS:
  1. Occupying (property) as a tenant.

  2. A person who lives on landlord or rented land or property.

Sentences of TENANTS
  1. The house is occupied by your cousin

  2. City Hall tenant

Synonyms of TENANTS

take up residence in, be the tenant of, settle in, tenant, occupant, lodge in, live in, resident, be established in, inhabit, be ensconced in, move into, ensconce oneself in, inhabitant, establish oneself in, make one's home in


Meanings of LIABILITY:
  1. The state of being responsible for something, especially in accordance with the law.

  2. A person or thing whose presence or behavior may embarrass or harm someone.

Sentences of LIABILITY
  1. For partners, they have unlimited responsibility for the risks.

  2. Became a political loss

Synonyms of LIABILITY

hindrance, responsibility, burden, answerability, legal responsibility, nuisance, inconvenience, accountability, encumbrance, handicap


Meanings of O:
  1. The fifteenth letter of the alphabet

  2. Zero (in numerical order, especially when speaking)

  3. Form a circle like capital O.

  4. Ocean

  5. One liter (in the recipe).

  6. Eighth.

  7. October

  8. Ohio

  9. Old

  10. Ontario

  11. Oregon

  12. The chemical element is oxygen

Sentences of O
  1. For a capital O always start with C and then close.

  2. Make O from his mouth

  3. Grant us peace in our time, O Lord


Meanings of L:
  1. (Description of location or direction) on the left.

  2. Length (especially in horse racing)

  3. (With reference to the text).

  4. Liquid

  5. Liter (s)

  6. Pound sterling)

  7. Length (in arithmetic formulas).

  8. The twelfth letter of the alphabet.


Meanings of T:
  1. Length or metric ton.

  2. Spoon of coffee

  3. Numbers that typically characterize the distribution of a sample from a distributed population.

  4. The twentieth letter of the alphabet.

  5. Like the capital T.

  6. (In units of measure) Yours (10¹²)

  7. are you there.

  8. (Sports Club) City.

  9. Spoon of soup

  10. temperature

  11. Tritium hydrogen isotopes.



  • OWNERS', LANDLORDS' AND TENANTS' LIABILITY (O.L.&T.) means, Responsibilities arising from the management, use or use of real estate or related activities, including maintenance of facilities. Scope of protection and question according to O.L. This policy covers the responsibilities described above to the policyholder, but the coverage is much more comprehensive than it may appear earlier. In addition to the facility, the contract covers all necessary or additional actions when the insured's liability exceeds the facility's limit, which is then established for accidents occurring outside the facility. Facts of insured operations. Although these extensions may include delivery and installation, there are exceptions that are generally expected (see Full Operations, Loading and Unloading and Loading and Unloading), such as contract obligations, new Vehicles, aircraft and construction or demolition etc.



Synonyms of OWNERS

master/mistress, proprietor/proprietress, proprietrix


Meanings of LANDLORDS:
  1. A man (also a woman in legal parlance) who rents a very large building or house.

Synonyms of LANDLORDS

restaurateur, manager, hotelier, barman, pub owner, publican, host, innkeeper, barmaid, hotelkeeper, barperson, licensee, manageress, bar-keeper, mine host


Meanings of AND:
  1. Used to indicate intention after some verbs and before another verb, not "to".

  2. A boolean operator that returns one if and only if all operators are one and the other is zero.

Synonyms of AND

what's more, plus, furthermore, moreover


Meanings of TENANTS:
  1. A person who lives on land or property leased to an owner.

  2. Possession (property) as a tenant.

Synonyms of TENANTS

lodger, boarder, dweller, lessee, addressee, occupier, feodary, renter, roomer, leaseholder, sitting tenant


Sentences of LIABILITY
  1. As soon as you contact the card protection system, you are no longer liable for damages.

  2. He said that the party has become an obstacle in the way of green politics.

Synonyms of LIABILITY

blameworthiness, onus, impediment, cross, the rap, drag, millstone round one's neck, cumber, weak spot/point, problem, stumbling block, guilt, shortcoming, disbenefit, fly in the ointment, minus, disadvantage, albatross, obstacle, cross to bear, blame, incrimination, culpability, Achilles heel, drawback


Meanings of O:
  1. D is an acronym used to represent pronunciation.

  2. Artho

  3. In particular, educational variables or informal or slang derivatives such as Beno, Veno.

  4. Used as the last letter of the compound form.

  5. In Irish nicknames such as ONEill.

  6. None or Zero (in numerical order, especially when speaking).

  7. Capital O, circle-like shapes.

  8. Above (on board).

  9. Another spelling of oh1.

  10. Used directly before a name, as in sentences and poetry.

  11. A colorless and odorless reaction gas, a chemical element with atom number 8, and an important component of air.

Sentences of O
  1. A cup of coffee

  2. xylene

  3. Chemically

  4. Two seven or seven point six

  5. Give us peace in our time, O Lord

  6. Shortness of breath prevents oxygen from reaching the brain and causes cells to die.


Meanings of L:
  1. (Specify location or direction) Left.

  2. (In reference to the text).

  3. For a long time (in mathematical formulas).

  4. In the shape of a large L.

  5. Counterclockwise

  6. Lakes, lakes or lakes (especially on the map).

  7. Large (like the size of clothes).

  8. (In motor vehicles) Stage.

  9. Linnaeus (as a source for the names of animal and plant species).

  10. Luxembourg (International Vehicle Registration).

  11. Eugadro's permanent.

  12. Inductance

  13. The metric unit of capacity, previously defined as the volume of one kilogram of water under standard conditions, is now equal to 1,000 cubic centimeters (approximately 1.75 liters).

Sentences of L
  1. Left to right: Gordon, Anthony and Mark

  2. 648

  3. 4l Salary. one week

  4. LK shaped building

  5. Some people don't know how to get L, do they?

  6. Littreptophan

  7. El Ontario

  8. Papilio machaon Swallowtail Butterfly (L., 1758)


Meanings of T:
  1. Imperial or metric tons.

  2. A number that typically highlights the distribution of the sampled population.

  3. The word "es" is added to the end of the verb, especially in the regional copy.

  4. equal to est2 (as it should be).

  5. According to ed2 (as tracked, sent, broken).

  6. Road to the capital

  7. (In units of scale) Yours (1012).

  8. Thailand (International Vehicle Registration).

  9. The temperature is measured in absolute zero in Kelvin.

  10. Tablespoon for serving food.

  11. A small spoon used to mix sugar and hot drinks or something to eat.

  12. SI unit of magnetic flux density.

  13. A unit of weight equal to 2,240 lb Aitdupois (1,016.05 kg).

Sentences of T
  1. Lithuania produced 512,000 tons of sulfuric acid in 1989

  2. I will never do that again

  3. Make a T-shaped wound on the rhizome and put the cut shoots.

  4. 12TB data storage

  5. Mansfield T.

  6. I suddenly have many friends.