Owner (life Insurance)

Owner (life Insurance),

Definition of Owner (life Insurance):

As insured, if no one else is mentioned in the claim as the owner. The owner controls the lifetime policy.

Literal Meanings of Owner (life Insurance)


Meanings of Owner:
  1. Someone who has something.

Sentences of Owner
  1. Fakhr dalmatian boss is very proud

Synonyms of Owner

mistress, homeowner, master, proprietress, proprietor, keeper, landlady, holder, landlord, possessor, freeholder


Meanings of Life:
  1. A state that distinguishes animals and plants from non-essential substances, including the potential for growth, reproduction, active activity, and permanent change before death.

  2. (In art) representing an article based on the original model and not the artist's imagination.

Sentences of Life
  1. He has lived in this country all his life

  2. Pose and clothes inspired by life

Synonyms of Life

vigour, enthusiasm, dash, buoyancy, threescore years and ten, allotted span, effervescence, human being, life span, spirit, colour, verve, brio, elan, bounce, dynamism, exuberance, one's time, liveliness, person


Meanings of Insurance:
  1. The process or arrangement under which a company or government agency guarantees compensation for certain losses, injuries, illness or death in exchange for premium payments.

  2. Anything that provides protection against possible emergencies.

Sentences of Insurance
  1. Adherence to high standards of personal conduct is the best protection against personal problems.

Synonyms of Insurance

indemnification, precaution, cover, financial protection, surety, safeguard, indemnity, protection, immunity, preventive measure, safety measure, shelter, security, defence, provision