Ovo De Pato

Ovo De Pato

Duck egg or egg leg?

AC you are right! It is not a matter of claws or chickens. On the other hand, I've never seen a dinosaur say in a saw that it has that word in it. I don't have two fish cases, or the same problem. Just told me that you stole the names of fish that are not feminine or not. Never heard of sharks, sardines. Why? I'm a Portuguese teacher here, I'm not here. How to write for one of these newspaper columns in which doubts will answer two readers.

And the chicken egg? ... Your first good, hard reaction. This means that according to the rule or the word always refers to the species, although it is not a matter of chickens or we usually say chicken egg .... used in many ca or finally by oil grammar happens. you are right.

The answer is already in question.

Go to GÃÂên, say duck egg ..

If you want to talk about it, this would be a duck egg.

This Portuguese is a surprise to our Portuguese, all relatives.

Ovo De Pato