Ovo De Angola

Ovo De Angola

How many days did he go to Angola to collect eggs?

عام 3 weeks or 21 days of a normal chicken

The CCO of Angola chickens does not exceed 28 days

Angolinhas are very old, sometimes they avoid their files, do not turn, but locally where you find them. If this happens and the filtrate is very low, it will take some time to find all the hills. Therefore, it is advisable to lay eggs in chickens as they take care of the chicks. An incubation or artificial incubation can be done for large batches of eggs, ie in bowls.

Pantone boxes in pots, their creation, or the need in pots as I have painted you, with heat is not accepted for 15 or 20 days. You need to be aware of our first few days because you are a threat to the previous filter.

With 25 to 30 days we can be free from insects or insects before eating peas in peas. The same things open up in it like two hens and a hen.

When I am alone, walking, or looking for food in my heart, I will take rations or thanks in the morning.

In breeding or captivity, chickens must be given the same justification, except for green suede.

Both were naturally encapsulated because they artificially live for 28 days and the chicks were made from mercurial eggs with more than 10 days of storage.

After birth, you stay in the pantyhose, but in order to complete some generations of drying in the chairs, then only stay in the waves of brooders for 15 to 30 days. Go through, then we will be alone and you can live. Since they are very aggressive, I agreed to separate them from the other type.

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Ovo De Angola

Ovo De Angola

chick © The same thing as other chickens. 21 days

Ovo De Angola