Definition of Overtime:

  1. Work performed by an employee or worker in excess of a basic workday (typically 8 hours a day, 5 days a week) as defined by company rules, job contract, statute, or union (collective) agreement.

  2. Time in addition to what is normal, as time worked beyond ones scheduled working hours.

  3. In addition to normal working hours.

Synonyms of Overtime

After hours, After office hours, Overtime, Past the usual closing time, Past the usual finishing time, Past the usual stopping time, Anchor watch, Bit, Day shift, Dogwatch, Full time, Graveyard shift, Half time, Lobster trick, Night shift, Part time, Relay, Shift, Split schedule, Split shift, Stint, Sunrise watch, Swing shift, Time, Tour, Tour of duty, Trick, Turn, Turn of work, Watch, Work shift

How to use Overtime in a sentence?

  1. His brain was working overtime.
  2. In addition to regular work hours, it is not uncommon for employees of some companies to work overtime in order to get all of the work done required for the day.
  3. Fewer opportunities for overtime.
  4. The game was tied after the third period, so it went to overtime and the home team ended up winning.
  5. When your employees work overtime you will have to pay them extra for the time but you can get a lot more accomplished.

Meaning of Overtime & Overtime Definition


Overtime Meanings:

  1. Meaning of Overtime: Working hours are different from normal working hours. Wages were usually paid for working outside of normal working hours.

Meanings of Overtime

  1. The time is longer than usual because the working hours are longer than the planned working hours.

Sentences of Overtime

  1. His brain is working overtime

  2. Less overtime maybe