Overtime Regulations

Overtime Regulations,

How Do You Define Overtime Regulations?

  1. Laws that govern how workers are paid to work outside the standard workweek

Literal Meanings of Overtime Regulations


Meanings of Overtime:
  1. Overtime, as usual, B. B. Working hours longer than planned times.

  2. Different from normal working hours.

Sentences of Overtime
  1. Fewer opportunities to work overtime

  2. Your brain was working overtime

Synonyms of Overtime

after office hours, past the usual stopping time, after hours, overtime, past the usual finishing time, past the usual closing time


Meanings of Regulations:
  1. Rules or policies developed by government agencies.

  2. Regulatory or regulatory act or process.

Sentences of Regulations
  1. City regulations

  2. Financial market regulation

Synonyms of Regulations

canon, tuning, directive, fiat, pronouncement, by-law, decree, rule, synchronization, order, ordinance, edict, act, adjustment, management, proclamation, statute, precept, law, guideline, command, prescription, requirement, mandate, procedure, dictum, dictate, injunction