Oversubscription Privilege

Oversubscription Privilege,

What is The Definition of Oversubscription Privilege?

Oversubscription Privilege means: When a right or title is offered, the company's shareholders are given more purchasing benefits. This guarantee allows the shareholder to purchase the remaining shares once the other shareholders have the opportunity to do so.

Literal Meanings of Oversubscription Privilege


Meanings of Oversubscription:
  1. Sign the over-the-top facts or over-demand terms


Meanings of Privilege:
  1. Special rights, benefits or protective rights granted or available to certain individuals or groups.

  2. Allow one or more.

Sentences of Privilege
  1. Education is a right, not a privilege

  2. The law of British inheritance gives this honor to the eldest son

Synonyms of Privilege

prerogative, benefit, birthright, entitlement, due, right, advantage