Definition of Overstated:

  1. State too strongly; exaggerate.

  2. The act of trying to represent a fact that is not true.

Synonyms of Overstated

Exaggerate, Overdo, Overemphasize, Overplay, Dramatize, Catastrophize, Colour, Embroider, Embellish, Enhance, Magnify, Inflate, Amplify, Make a mountain out of a molehill, Aggrandized, Amplified, Ballyhooed, Disproportionate, Exaggerated, Excessive, Exorbitant, Extravagant, Extreme, Grandiloquent, High-flown, Hyperbolic, Inflated, Inordinate, Magnified, Overdone, Overdrawn, Overemphasized, Overemphatic, Overestimated, Overgreat, Overlarge, Overpraised, Oversold, Overstressed, Overwrought, Prodigal, Profuse, Puffed, Stretched, Superlative, Touted

How to use Overstated in a sentence?

  1. I overstated my case to make my point.

Meaning of Overstated & Overstated Definition