Definition of Oversell:

  1. Situation where a sales person does not end the sales presentation even after the prospect has agreed to make a purchase. Overselling risks losing the sale by saying something the prospect does not like.

  2. Sell more of (something) than exists or can be delivered.

Synonyms of Oversell

Aggrandize, Amplify, Ballyhoo, Be prodigal with, Build up, Burlesque, Caricature, Carry too far, Deluge, Draw the longbow, Engulf, Exaggerate, Flood, Flood the market, Go to extremes, Hyperbolize, Inundate, Lay it on, Magnify, Make much of, Overcharge, Overdo, Overdose, Overdraw, Overequip, Overestimate, Overfurnish, Overlavish, Overpraise, Overprovender, Overprovide, Overprovision, Overreach, Overreact, Overspeak, Overstate, Overstock, Overstress, Oversupply, Overwhelm, Pile it on, Puff, Stretch, Stretch the truth, Swamp, Talk big, Talk in superlatives, Tout, Travesty, Whelm

How to use Oversell in a sentence?

  1. A surge in airlines overselling flights.

Meaning of Oversell & Oversell Definition