Definition of Overrun:

  1. Items produced or printed more than the order quantity.

  2. Cost overrun.

Synonyms of Overrun

Adopt, Appropriate, Arrogate, Assume, Attack, Balance, Beat, Beset, Bespread, Blitz, Bonus, Branch, Branch out, Bud, Burgeon, Burst forth, Cascade, Cataract, Clobber, Colonize, Compose, Conquer, Crawl with, Creep with, Defeat, Deluge, Dense, Deploy, Despoil, Destroy, Diffuse, Disperse, Dividend, Drub, Engulf, Enslave, Exaggerate, Exaggeration, Exceed, Excess, Expand, Extend, Extend throughout, Extra, Exuberant, Fan, Fan out, Fill, Flare, Flood, Flourish, Flourishing, Foray, Gemmate, Germinate, Go beyond, Gratuity, Gross, Grow, Grow rank, Harry, Heavy, Hit and run, Hog, Honeycomb, Imbue, Impenetrable, Impose, Indent, Infest, Inroad, Inundate, Inundation, Invade, Jump a claim, Jungled, Jungly, Justify, Know no bounds, Lagniappe, Lambaste, Leaf, Leaf out, Leave, Leave no void, Leaven, Leftover, Lick, Lush, Luxuriant, Luxuriate, Make free with, Make up, Make use of, Maraud, Margin, Monopolize, Occupy, Open, Open up, Outspread, Outstep, Outstretch, Overabound, Overage, Overbrim, Overdo, Overfill, Overflow, Overflowing, Overgo, Overgrow, Overgrown, Overgrowth, Overjump, Overleap, Overmeasure, Overpass, Overplus, Overreach, Override, Overrunning, Overset, Overshoot, Overshoot the field, Overshoot the mark, Overspill, Overspread, Overspreading, Overstep, Overstock, Overstride, Oversupply, Overswarm, Overwhelm, Pass, Penetrate, Permeate, Pervade, Pi, Pi a form, Pillage, Plague, Plunder, Plus, Pour out, Pour over, Pourboire, Preempt, Preoccupy, Prepossess, Pullulate, Put forth, Put forth leaves, Put out buds, Raid, Ramify, Rank, Ravage, Remainder, Requisition, Ride down, Ride over, Ride roughshod over, Riot, Riotous, Root, Run down, Run over, Run riot, Run through, Sack, Scourge, Set, Set in print, Shoot, Shoot up, Sit on, Slop, Slosh, Smear, Something extra, Spare, Spill, Spill out, Spill over, Splay, Spraddle, Sprangle, Sprawl, Spread, Spread like wildfire, Spread out, Sprout, Sprout up, Squat on, Storm, Strike root, Strip, Subjugate, Submerge, Suffuse, Superabound, Superiority, Surpass, Surplus, Surplusage, Swamp, Swarm, Swarm with, Sweep, Take all of, Take it all, Take over, Take possession of, Take root, Take up, Teem, Teem with, Thick, Thrash, Tip, Trample, Trample on, Trample underfoot, Trample upon, Transcend, Transfuse, Tread upon, Trim, Unfold, Unweeded, Upspear, Upsprout, Usurp, Vandalize, Vegetate, Weed-choked, Weed-ridden, Weedy, Whelm, Widen

Meaning of Overrun & Overrun Definition