Definition of Override:

  1. Commission received by a sales manager (or the upline in network marketing) on the sales made by sales persons (or the downline in network marketing) working under him or her.

  2. An excess or increase on a budget, salary, or cost.

  3. Travel or move over.

  4. Extend over; overlap.

  5. Fee paid by a seller to a broker in case the broker deals directly with a buyer.

  6. Interrupt the action of (an automatic device), typically in order to take manual control.

  7. Use ones authority to reject or cancel (a decision, view, etc.).

  8. A device for suspending an automatic function on a machine.

  9. A cancellation of a decision by exertion of authority or winning of votes.

Synonyms of Override

Disallow, Overrule, Countermand, Veto, Set aside, Quash, Overturn, Overthrow, Abolish, Abrogate, Annul, Arch over, Beat down, Bend, Bestraddle, Bestride, Break, Bridge, Browbeat, Bulldoze, Bully, Cancel, Castrate, Clamp down on, Coerce, Compel, Conquer, Countermand, Counterorder, Cow, Crush, Daunt, Despotize, Disannul, Do away with, Domineer, Domineer over, Enslave, Extend over, Fell, Flatten, Grind, Grind down, Hang over, Henpeck, Hit and run, Humble, Imbricate, Intimidate, Inundate, Invalidate, Jut, Keep down, Keep under, Lap, Lap over, Lie over, Lord it over, Make void, Master, Nullify, Oppress, Outclass, Outdo, Outgo, Outjump, Outleap, Outmaneuver, Outmarch, Outpace, Outperform, Outplay, Outpoint, Outrange, Outreach, Outride, Outrival, Outrun, Outshine, Outstep, Outstrip, Outvie, Outwit, Overarch, Overawe, Overbear, Overflow, Overhang, Overjump, Overlap, Overleap, Overlie, Overmaster, Overmatch, Overplay, Overrule, Overrun, Press heavy on, Prostrate, Put down, Quell, Recall, Recant, Reduce, Renege, Repeal, Repress, Rescind, Retract, Reverse, Revoke, Ride, Ride down, Ride over, Ride roughshod over, Run down, Run over, Set aside, Shingle, Smash, Span, Subdue, Subjugate, Suppress, Suspend, Terrorize, Trample, Trample down, Trample on, Trample underfoot, Trample upon, Tread down, Tread underfoot, Tread upon, Tyrannize, Tyrannize over, Unman, Vacate, Vanquish, Void, Waive, Walk all over, Walk over, Weigh heavy on, Withdraw, Write off

How to use Override in a sentence?

  1. The flash has to have a manual override to be useful.
  2. Part of the deposit was overridden and covered by the advancing ice.
  3. We had to override the supervisor because a decision needed to be made by upper management to best set up the organization for success.
  4. Sometimes you may have to override one of your employees when you out rank him and think he is making a bad decision.
  5. The House vote in favor of the bill was 10 votes short of the requisite majority for an override.
  6. I was the leader of the group, so I could override any decision made by the people under me, which made me feel powerful.
  7. The legislatures insistence on overriding his budget vetoes.
  8. Commission overrides give established carriers an unfair advantage.

Meaning of Override & Override Definition