Definition of Overload:

  1. Transport load or excessive load.

  2. Orders for a device or system that exceed its capacity. Overloading usually results in device failure or sometimes irreparable damage to the system.

  3. Excessive amount or charges.

Synonyms of Overload

Glut, Overflow, Satiety, Strain, Plethora, Overbrimming, Engorgement, Enrich, Adorn, Lading, Burden, Put too much in, Overburden, Deadweight, Repletion, Overburden, Choke, Load with ornament, Superfluity, Overweighting, Overfeed, Jam-pack, Saturation, Flourish, Gild, Saddle with, Surfeit, Go hard with, Impediment, Embroider, Satiate, Excess, Loading, Weigh down, Festoon, Taxing, Weigh upon, Cram, Encumber, Elaborate, Hamper, Weigh on, Superabundance, Burdening, Freight, Jam, Overtaxing, Load, Lade, Encumbrance, Decorate, Profusion, Incumbency, Overlade, Embellish, Gluttonize, Weigh down, Hindrance, Trick out, Convolute, Overcharge, Pack, Congestion, Overfreight, Burthen, Tax, Overfullness, Too much, Ornament, Bear hard upon, Overweigh, Go ill with, Cargo, Lie on, Cumbrance, Oppression, Glut, Involve, Overtax, Saddle, Charging, Handicap, Stuff, Oppress, Millstone, Overspill, Burden, Surcharge, Charge, Congest, Surfeit, Surplus, Pressure, Encumber, Supersaturation, Crowd, Incubus, Rest hard upon, Hyperemia, Overstuff, Press hard upon, Drench, Varnish, Superincumbency, Impede, Supersaturate, Soak, Drag, Cumber, Too many, Saddling, Overabundance, Overcharge, Bale, Saturate, Try one, Overfill, Gorge, Supercharge, Weigh heavy on, Overweight, Overlay, More than enough

How to use Overload in a sentence?

  1. Both ships overloaded and sank.
  2. Excessive pressure.

Meaning of Overload & Overload Definition