• The definition of Overleveraged is: It is said that a company is more indebted if it is more indebted in terms of operating cash flow and equity. Lending companies struggle to pay interest and principal and are often unable to pay their operating expenses due to excessive borrowing costs, which often leads to financial losses. This forced the company to borrow more and made the problem worse. This spiral usually ends when a company restructures or goes bankrupt.

    • A company is considered highly indebted when it is heavily indebted, which prevents it from paying principal, interest and operating expenses.
    • Excessive debt often leads to an economic cycle that forces you to borrow more.
    • Companies often reorganize their debt or file for bankruptcy in order to pay off excess debt.
    • Leverage can be measured in terms of leverage or leverage.
    • Excessive debt losses include limited growth, loss of assets, restrictions on excess borrowing and instability in attracting new investors.

Meanings of Overleveraged

  1. (Of the company) which has a lot of debt.

Sentences of Overleveraged

  1. As a result, the pressure to comply with highly indebted British companies falls directly on the Tata Group in India.