Definition of Overhead:

  1. Utilities: Energy or water lost during delivery from the generating or production plant to the end user.

  2. Data communications: Data bits added to user-transmitted data, for carrying routing information and error correcting and operational instructions.

  3. Accounting: A cost or expense (such as for administration, insurance, rent, and utility charges) that (1) relates to an operation or the companyas a whole, (2) does not become an integral part of a good or service (unlike raw material or direct labor), and (3) cannot be applied or traced to any specific unit of output. Overheads are indirect costs.

  4. Resource consumed or lost in completing a process, that does not contribute directly to the end-product. Also called burden cost.

Synonyms of Overhead

Above, Abovestairs, Airward, Aloft, Aloof, Budget, Budget items, Burden of expenditure, Carrying charge, Ceiling, Charges, Cost, Cost of living, Cost-of-living allowance, Cost-of-living index, Costs, Direct costs, Disbursals, Distributed costs, Eaves, Elevated, Expenditures, Expense, Expense account, Expenses, General expenses, High, High up, Housetop, In the air, In the clouds, Indirect costs, Labor costs, Lantern, Liabilities, Maintenance, Material costs, On high, On stilts, On the peak, On tiptoe, Operating costs, Operating expense, Outlay, Over, Overhead, Penthouse, Plafond, Prime cost, Raised, Replacement cost, Ridgepole, Roof, Roof garden, Roof-deck, Roofage, Roofing, Roofpole, Rooftop, Rooftree, Shingles, Skylight, Skyward, Slates, Straight up, Swindle sheet, Tiles, Tiptoe, To the zenith, Top, Unit cost, Up, Upper, Upstairs, Upward, Upwards

How to use Overhead in a sentence?

  1. When we picked up the product we realized that it would take two more men to load which will add another couple hundred to our overhead .
  2. When I donate to charities, it is important to me to find the ones that run with minimal overhead so that more of each dollar I donate will go to the actual cause instead of administration.
  3. I had to put my suitcase in the overhead compartment because it was too big to fit with me on my seat.

Meaning of Overhead & Overhead Definition


Overhead Definition:

  • Overhead refers to ongoing business costs that are not directly related to the creation of a product or service. This is important for budgeting purposes, but also for determining how much a company should charge for its products or services in order to make a profit. in short. Indirect costs are businesses that have to cooperate without directly associating the business with a particular product or service.

    • Overhead refers to the ongoing costs of doing business, but does not exclude the direct costs associated with creating a product or service.
    • Indirect costs can be fixed, variable or a combination of both.
    • There are several types of overheads, such as: B. Management costs, including company operating costs.
    • The income statement shows the general expenses.

  • Meaning of Overhead: Indirect or fixed costs of doing business (whose costs are not directly related to the manufacture of a product or the provision of a service) vary from rent to administrative costs. Through marketing costs

Meanings of Overhead

  1. Above the height of the head in the sky.

  2. Located above the level of the head.

  3. (Drive mechanism) on a moving object.

  4. (Cost or Expenses) Expenses incurred in connection with the general maintenance or operation of a plant, location or business that are not related to any particular product or item.

  5. Expenses or overhead

  6. Transparency for the use of overhead projectors.

  7. Overhead basket

  8. Summary for overhead projectors

Sentences of Overhead

  1. The helicopter hid its head

  2. The sun is much higher than that

  3. Four cylinder camshot engine

  4. Departments are generally reluctant to pay full indirect costs

  5. Space research requires a lot of effort

  6. Software for creating slides, graphics and overhead projectors

Synonyms of Overhead

up above, in the sky, up in the sky, above one's head, over one's head, in flight, aerial, suspended, projecting, overhanging, running costs, fixed costs



Commercial expenses that are not directly related to the manufacture or sale of goods or services

Sentences of Overhead

  1. This scholarship is suitable for most overhead expenses of airlines